Friday, March 23, 2012

Not just your average river...

Somewhere down there is the source of the Nile River (the White Nile I think). I always just thought it started in Lake Victoria but apparently some of the water also comes from a spring. (Clearly, I wasn't really paying attention when they explained it. I was mostly just excited that I got to touch the Nile River in Uganda and claim that I've seen the source.)

This was a day trip from Kampala. We took a public bus to Jinja on Lake Victoria and spent almost the entire day lazing around by the river and eating some fantastic food (picture to follow). If you are more of an adventurer there's also white water rafting I hear.

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  1. I'm doing some research on the Nile for teaching purposes. I always believed the source was Lake Victoria but have since discovered that the White Nile actually starts as a tributary of the Kagera River in Rwanda which then flows into the lake. Are you willing/able to send me a higher resolution of your photo - for educational purposes? (from Patricia in South Africa)