Monday, March 5, 2012

March update

You probably thought I had already left for Uganda (what with the radio silence and all) but no, I'm just lazy!

I'm actually leaving tomorrow, which is hopefully a sufficient excuse for not writing in over a week. I promise though, it's been a productive week. I finished my mid-terms two weeks early because they're all due the moment I get back. I packed. I cleaned. I also decided on a whim that I need an iPad. (When I say on a whim I really mean that. I was walking past the store and thought 'What is that? ... I should buy one.") I'm not actually very tech-savvy, so I asked a lot of stupid questions, like 'What exactly is an iPad?' and 'What is 3G?' and 'How do you get the screen to come on?' (It was a steep learning curve. I'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that there is no right-click.)

Clearly technology has come a long way since the last time I bothered to pay attention.

I promptly downloaded all of my course readings and research papers and made it into the boring-est iPad ever.

Other than that I have been alternately stressed and excited about the prospect of flying to Africa. Stressed mostly when I think about how much I dislike airports and jet-lag and lost luggage; excited when I pull out my passport with a fancy new stamp and crack open the lonely planet guide.

Even more excited when I realize that I am officially less than 2 months away from turning in my final paper and finishing grad school.

59 days left (it's never too early for the countdown)

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