Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My passport sleeve is starting to get very itchy...

It's been almost two years since I left the country.

Basically, an eternity.

However, I'm finally going to do something about that. Today in a whirlwind hour and a half I finally got my tickets purchased for both this spring and summer.

So for the travel junkies in the room, prepare to get jealous.

I'm headed to Uganda this March (dates withheld to maintain a thin veneer of privacy). We got the tickets less than two weeks before we leave. This, needless to say, has given me a minor heart attack. We still don't have the visas, but you know, we almost have them so I'm sure things will work out or something. I'll be in Uganda doing the final project for my degree. We do 10 days of interviews in the field and then spend the rest of March and April writing a monster paper. I will be very busy very soon.

Tacked on to the end of the Uganda trip is a suspiciously long layover in Istanbul (50 hours), because you know, Istanbul, how could we not? I may even have the pleasure of meeting a foreign service blogger friend-of-friend there, so I have extra reason to be excited.

Then, in May, I fly out to Bolivia. In addition to the awesomeness of that, I plan to do some very modest traveling in South America after my internship too, especially Peru since it's so close and Chile if possible. (Note to fellows - you pay for all the extra travel yourself, so pace yourselves.) I'm also going to visit my big brother and his wife and make them show me the 'real' South America. I'm sure they're excited.

Not only does this mean new adventures, but (and this is important for the box-checker type like myself) I get lots of new visas and stamps to fill up my passport. So satisfying...

Anyway, today was an exciting day. The only problem of course is that with all this excitement in the near future I've developed a bit of senioritis. It's just hard to care that much about papers and reading and all of that when I could be daydreaming about the future instead.


See, I told you you'd be jealous.

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