Friday, February 17, 2012

Food that will change your life

Yes, another post about food. Because my life is exciting, that's why.

First - Korean food. As you may remember, every month a group of friends and I go to dinner at a different ethnic restaurant. We've done Korean at Honey Pig, Vietnamese at Eden Center, and then there were a couple of months of failed meet-ups and then there was this month. Where did we go?

That's right, we went back to Honey Pig for Korean. Yeah, we suck at variety. But it wasn't our fault - we were trying to include all the people who missed the first time, and who ironically missed this time as well.

Whatever. It was amazing anyway and we went to the Korean bakery (Breeze) after, where I purchased this amazing 'chocolate sand' flavored roll thing. I'm not sure why they call it chocolate sand, but they clearly know enough about baking that I'm willing to just trust them with ingredients.

They don't seem to have a website, but here's their Yelp page.

I've also been doing plenty of experimenting at home.

I made Moroccan food in the crockpot (and learned that if you don't fill it enough the crockpot will burn the food into a tiny black mess). I made stir fry. And then I made this:

Artichoke and Lemon Linguini
The recipe can be found here. I never would have stumbled on this recipe if I wasn't desperately trying to use up the pickled lemons that I was conned into buying discovered at Eastern Market this fall. Needless to say, recipes that include pickled lemons are few and far between, but this one was delicious, so I finally have at least one idea of what to do with the rest.

Finally, I don't have a picture, but I crossed the Cajun Experience off my list last week as well. I have to say, it may have been because I was totally sick and heavily medicated, but I wasn't very impressed. I had a better po'boy at some random pub in Georgetown last year, so if you go, do yourself a favor and order something besides the po'boy. (And on a completely separate note, theraflu is the best diet medicine ever. It didn't do a thing for my cold, but freed me from the need to eat for an entire weekend. I felt like superwoman. Except for the sneezing and coughing of course.)

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