Friday, February 24, 2012

One big happy family

The FS blog community really is awesome. As proof, check out this awesome post by Kitty Non Grata in response to my somewhat desperate request for information about how to be a PD intern.

It's always a bit awkward reaching out to total strangers (especially since I imagine them all as high-powered, busy, and very sophisticated movers-and-shakers) but it's also a relief to see how many people in the FS are genuinely friendly and anxious to help. After all, these people are going to be my colleagues in less than a year.

So thanks KNG! If/when I ever have some amazing info to pass along I'll do so. Otherwise, I promise to pay it forward.

PS - I just got my A-100 assignment! It's a good thing they indicated in the email that it's a super secret , because otherwise I would have posted it here. Just so you know, I'm happy with it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My passport sleeve is starting to get very itchy...

It's been almost two years since I left the country.

Basically, an eternity.

However, I'm finally going to do something about that. Today in a whirlwind hour and a half I finally got my tickets purchased for both this spring and summer.

So for the travel junkies in the room, prepare to get jealous.

I'm headed to Uganda this March (dates withheld to maintain a thin veneer of privacy). We got the tickets less than two weeks before we leave. This, needless to say, has given me a minor heart attack. We still don't have the visas, but you know, we almost have them so I'm sure things will work out or something. I'll be in Uganda doing the final project for my degree. We do 10 days of interviews in the field and then spend the rest of March and April writing a monster paper. I will be very busy very soon.

Tacked on to the end of the Uganda trip is a suspiciously long layover in Istanbul (50 hours), because you know, Istanbul, how could we not? I may even have the pleasure of meeting a foreign service blogger friend-of-friend there, so I have extra reason to be excited.

Then, in May, I fly out to Bolivia. In addition to the awesomeness of that, I plan to do some very modest traveling in South America after my internship too, especially Peru since it's so close and Chile if possible. (Note to fellows - you pay for all the extra travel yourself, so pace yourselves.) I'm also going to visit my big brother and his wife and make them show me the 'real' South America. I'm sure they're excited.

Not only does this mean new adventures, but (and this is important for the box-checker type like myself) I get lots of new visas and stamps to fill up my passport. So satisfying...

Anyway, today was an exciting day. The only problem of course is that with all this excitement in the near future I've developed a bit of senioritis. It's just hard to care that much about papers and reading and all of that when I could be daydreaming about the future instead.


See, I told you you'd be jealous.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's not just me.

So I always thought that the Great Britain, UK, England thing was confusing. I never really bothered with the intracacies of it, but since I have a presentation coming up where I sort of have to know, now was the time to get educated. I soon found that this stuff is crazy confusing. (Seriously.)

Anyway, I found an amazing youtube video that explains everything. And now I know, it's not just me. Britain/whatever is just one big identity crisis waiting to happen.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Food that will change your life

Yes, another post about food. Because my life is exciting, that's why.

First - Korean food. As you may remember, every month a group of friends and I go to dinner at a different ethnic restaurant. We've done Korean at Honey Pig, Vietnamese at Eden Center, and then there were a couple of months of failed meet-ups and then there was this month. Where did we go?

That's right, we went back to Honey Pig for Korean. Yeah, we suck at variety. But it wasn't our fault - we were trying to include all the people who missed the first time, and who ironically missed this time as well.

Whatever. It was amazing anyway and we went to the Korean bakery (Breeze) after, where I purchased this amazing 'chocolate sand' flavored roll thing. I'm not sure why they call it chocolate sand, but they clearly know enough about baking that I'm willing to just trust them with ingredients.

They don't seem to have a website, but here's their Yelp page.

I've also been doing plenty of experimenting at home.

I made Moroccan food in the crockpot (and learned that if you don't fill it enough the crockpot will burn the food into a tiny black mess). I made stir fry. And then I made this:

Artichoke and Lemon Linguini
The recipe can be found here. I never would have stumbled on this recipe if I wasn't desperately trying to use up the pickled lemons that I was conned into buying discovered at Eastern Market this fall. Needless to say, recipes that include pickled lemons are few and far between, but this one was delicious, so I finally have at least one idea of what to do with the rest.

Finally, I don't have a picture, but I crossed the Cajun Experience off my list last week as well. I have to say, it may have been because I was totally sick and heavily medicated, but I wasn't very impressed. I had a better po'boy at some random pub in Georgetown last year, so if you go, do yourself a favor and order something besides the po'boy. (And on a completely separate note, theraflu is the best diet medicine ever. It didn't do a thing for my cold, but freed me from the need to eat for an entire weekend. I felt like superwoman. Except for the sneezing and coughing of course.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#80 Brideshead Revisited


You thought I had forgotten my 100 best novels list forever, didn't you? But no, I was just way too busy with school and work and stuff. But I picked up a copy of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh over break and committed to reading it in the bathtub and so eventually I managed to read a non-school book while going to school. I know, it was pretty heroic.

Anyway, the book was pretty good, and it wasn't nearly as boring as the title might imply. (Brideshead is an estate owned by a friend of the narrator. He revisits it in old age and remembers the relationships he had there.) I can't say that I would put it on my own top 100 list, but I didn't feel like plucking my eyes out either. Unlike with certain other books - ahem *soundandthefury*.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter is here

As evidence may I present:

Survival Gear

Today I'm sitting on the couch, with my first cold of the season and watching a veritable blizzard outside my window. (sorry for the lame picture, apparently falling snow is like old-school vampires - you can't get a picture of it) And of course, as always, writing a paper.

At some point I promise I'll post some pictures of my second amazing Korean dinner at Honey Pig with friends and the most amazing pasta dish ever that I made last week.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another museum you (probably) haven't heard of

As part of my neverending and slow-paced quest to see everything in DC I visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art on Saturday. It's by the White House, on 17th and E if you're interested.

I really don't have much to say about it except that the art was engaging and I'm glad I went. I only got pictures of exhibits on the first floor - due to the rules, not just laziness on my part - but the other stuff was good too.

I love the style of this one. It's called Into Bondage by Aaron Douglas. It reminds me of Miguel Covarrubias, a Mexican painter who may just be my favorite artist. (His best work in my opinion is from Bali. In addition to paintings he wrote a book about the island which is very thorough.)

Close up of the same.

I forget the name of this one. And I realize now I should have cropped it and/or taken a bit more care with my photography. Oops.

These people are the parents of William Wilson Corcoran who founded the gallery. Little know fact? He was also the founder of the Columbian School, which would later become George Washington University.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Posts in Two Days!

This must be some kind of record...

Anyway, just a quick request to my readers and/or the people who randomly stop by looking for something else.

Please take this 5 minute survey for my statistics class.

It's very important for two reasons:
#1 Beating all the other teams.
#2 Learning or something.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random facts about Bolivia - 1

Cloud Forest - Apparently Bolivia has one. In or near Amboro National Park.