Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First, a couple of pictures from my visit back home. It was the warmest December I can remember. Last year at this time we were cross country skiing and ice skating on the lake. This year we went to the 'beach' and there wasn't a single snowflake. As my dad would say, this global warming stuff is great!

Second, I'm working on a post about writing for the Foreign Service. I figure I got a lot of help with my writing, it's only fair that I give back a little. Hopefully it will help other people trying to join the FS.

Third, I am still waiting grudginglypatiently to find out where I'm going this summer for my overseas internship. Everybody in my cohort is going somewhere awesome, so I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Also, we'll be getting our official A-100 dates in mid-February, though I'm not expecting any surprises there.

Four, I've been cooking new and interesting things lately. I made borscht in early December and it was great, I highly recommend it. Sorry the picture isn't better, but trust me, it was good stuff.
I got an immersion blender and a slow cooker for Christmas, so lots of new goodies are in the plan. I even used the blender to make squash soup. I hadn't eaten squash since I was a kid(and even then, only on pain of death) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I don't hate it anymore. So of course then I got cocky and tried using the immersion blender instead of a whisk to make cupcakes. Let's just say it ended badly....

That's really about all. Life is pretty quiet these days. I'm working this week and next and then I add classes back in on the 17th. Four more months of class to go.

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