Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Video(s) of the Week 10

I thought these videos would be a nice complement to my Sri Lanka guide. Take it with a grain of salt though, he seems to have developed a pretty strong impression of Sri Lanka after his weeklong vacation. Though, to be fair, he did seem to get around quite a bit.

My assessment is that Anthony Bourdain was spot on about the heat, but exaggerated the presence of army guys.

Foods mentioned in the video that I wouldn't recommend: maldive fish, capsicum

Short eats - meh.

Hikkaduwa - amazing. Totally met Kushil, the guy featured in this segment. He really was as great as in the video.
Paripu (lentil curry) is a favorite with a lot of people but I found it bland.
Jackfruit is good. Jackfruit curry is one of my favorites.
Pol Sambol is the best. I can't believe I forgot it in my last post.

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