Friday, December 2, 2011


I will be the kind of diplomat that makes history and stands up for what's right.

I might be writing a dissent, like Vaky's Guatemala memo, or I might be shaping US foreign policy for decades to come, like Kennan did with The Long Telegram . Maybe I will have the privilege of rescuing Tutsis in Rwanda, or helping Jews escape Germany, or championing the rights of an average citizen in imprisoned abroad.

I'm very proud that soon I'll be carrying on such an incredible tradition. (And of course very anxious that I do a good job...) I know the history of diplomacy isn't perfect, but it sure is impressive.

Reading stories like these has become a personal hobby as I get myself in gear for my own FSO carrer. The links above are some of my favorites so far; for the stories of several other great moments of American diplomacy check out this link. Or this article by Foreign Affairs. It's funny how every list I've seen of Great Moments in Diplomacy includes totally different moments. (Either they're all great, or no one really knows what constitutes a great moment. I'm hoping it's the former, not the latter. ;)

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  1. Great aspirations Jen :) You'll be amazing I'm sure!