Sunday, December 11, 2011


My mom was in town all week (hi mom!) so forgive me for not writing more. I've been busy seeing the sights and enjoying myself immensely.

Whenever I get together with my mom we do incredibly cute and girly things that would make my father gag. We ice skated at the sculpture garden. We had high tea at the Willard Hotel (oh my goodness it was amazing).* We shopped, naturally. We saw the Twilight movie. We even visited the Library of Congress. I have exactly zero pictures of all this because I never remembered my camera. But in my defense, I was having too much fun!

Now that she's back home I have been trying very hard to buckle down and finish my last two papers and I must say they're going well. Whatever happened to the nervous wreck that I was last year?

In other news, I have two announcements.

#1 - I'm going to Uganda this spring!
In my program everyone teams up and completes a final project for a client in the development field. In the interests of privacy I will keep our client a mystery, but just know that they are a very cool NGO who I'm really excited to be working with. And I'm also very, very excited to be visiting Africa. This will be my 5th continent. Until this summer I thought I would be the first in my family to visit Africa. Then, of course, some aunts and uncles went on a safari and ruined my life, but whatever, I'm still excited. I guess that's just what happens when you have a family that is exciting and adventurous, for which I'm very grateful.

#2 - I still don't know where I'm interning this summer.
Apparently other fellows have already found out. And I'm super jealous. The nice thing of course is that I will be excited about going anywhere, so whatever I get it will be good news. It's just the waiting that I dislike.

*A quick note on high tea: Tea at the Willard is an old-school DC tradition. It's crazy expensive, especially if you're a grad student. ($40 a person) However, I really wanted to do something special to celebrate my mom coming into town and me passing the OA. So I splurged and I have to say, it's worth the money. We drank tea with our pinkies out and ate lots of little bitty food. It was even better with all the Christmas decorations up, so don't miss it!

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