Friday, October 28, 2011

I wish daylight savings time was over....

Waking up at 7 o'clock in total darkness is getting old. Daylight Savings Time needs to hurry up and be over. I looked it up and this year we 'fall back' on the 6th of November, so it's just a little over a week until we all get to sleep in for an hour and I can wake to actual sunlight.

In other news, I spoke with that professor I mentioned in an early post. It went great. Of course he didn't randomly decide to give me an A+ with a gold star on it, but we had a respectful, lively discussion where I was able to defend my perspective. He undoubtedly still thinks I'm wrong, but I held my own in our 'battle of wits' and that was the satisfaction I was really looking for. It was also great to just have the professor one-on-one for an hour. I almost never make it to office hours since I work, but I certainly appreciate the chance to be able to lock heads with someone intelligent and interested in the world.

He also gave me some great advice for the foreign service: Keep your ideals, but temper them with pragmatism. Respect the lessons of history, but don't let them make you afraid. Always remember that life is complicated and politics more so. And finally, never be afraid to disagree with your professor. (It's a good lesson, even if he didn't say it out loud.)

Next time I promise to post actual pictures. This blog has gotten a bit word-heavy lately.

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