Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello again, it's been awhile!

So if you haven't heard from me in a while it's because I've been buried under a small mountain of homework. These past few weeks have been mid-terms and I've had a lot of side projects on top of all the paper writing.

#1 My Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/whatever test is coming up this Friday. I'm kind of doomed. The only practice I've had has been following the Montnegrin press for the past 7 weeks for another class. The other complicating factor is that the test costs $450. It would be free of course at FSI, but State has sort of a weird relationship with fellows where we are part of the family, but kind of not really. We're like the foster children of the DoS. We can stay for 3-5 years and if we pass the tests then we get 'adopted'.

So that ridiculous metaphor was just to say that State wouldn't let me test at FSI. And sadly my school doesn't have anyone to test me either, so I had to find someone independently.

And the only agency that seemed willing was kind of expensive. Just a little bit.

So in addition to reading and writing, I've also been studying Serbian.

#2 My office also needed me to pick up a bunch of hours. They wanted me to work full time for two weeks, but I'm not superwoman, so that idea was nixed. Instead I'll be working 75% til the end of October.

#3 And in addition to reading and writing and Serbian and working I've also taken on some random volunteering. Namely, I'm in charge of the 3 year old nursery at church. People who know me will laugh when they read this, because I'm sort of terrified of small children. But I figured it was time to face my fear and spend an hour keeping the little people from destroying themselves, each other, the entire building, and most importantly, me. I still haven't mastered the art of toddler conversation, but I'm pleased with my progress so far.

#4 Finally, there are lots of ongoing and vaguely stressful projects that I'm working on. There's the FSOA, which I will have to take again (unfortunately). There's my death battle with my health insurance company. There are my half-hearted efforts to work out at the gym. And my classic novel reading list, and my monthly dinner club, and my list of 100 things to do in DC which I've been working on writing - but first I have to do them... etc.

All of this is basically my excuse for not writing. That and writers block...but I promise a newsy update when I finish my Serbian test. That is unless I fail. Then no update, only lots of self-pity.

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