Monday, October 24, 2011

Anger Management

I came home today absolutely furious. The particular details aren't important, but basically, I got a bad grade on a paper that was among my best work ever - not for poor writing, the professor actually didn't find any faults with my writing, but because of the political stance I took.

The old me, who was timid to say the least, would have fumed in silence, but the new me is a bit too assertive for that. I plan to set up a meeting with the professor to state my case, once I'm not quite so angry. I'm certainly not planning to yell, plead, or insult anyone (wouldn't be very diplomatic), but I'm also not willing to let this one go without arguing my point. My point of course, being that students shouldn't be penalized for disagreeing with the professor.

Especially if the professor is wrong.

Just saying.

The plus side of all this is that when I'm angry I can't sit still, so I channeled all that energy into cleaning the entire apartment and cooking a week's worth of food. I suppose I should thank the professor for all the inspiration...nothing says 'I respectfully disagree with you' like a pan full of brownies.

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