Thursday, September 1, 2011

So far, so good

Today is a good day, but unexciting day. I bought ink for my printer (which is still giving me the 'no ink' message, sigh), I did a few readings, I cooked... nothing much. I'm a little swamped with work already, but I can't shake the good feeling that I have about this semester.

Reason #1 I got myself a good job at a Latin American NGO in town. The people seem nice, the pay is pretty sweet, I can walk there, and it sounds prestigious when I tell people about it. All important qualities in a job. I had planned to apply for another internship at State, but they didn't post the positions in time. Sorry, State! You snooze, you lose!

Reason #2 I like my classes this semester about 100% more than I liked my classes last year. It could be that I have more realistic expectations this year. Or it could be because these classes are 100% better. We'll have to see. But so far each professor has impressed me. One reminds me of an old spy movie, and tells good stories, which I feel is a good sign. One has a nice British accent and is very witty, also good. The third seems a bit dull frankly, but has made the wise decision to be an easy grader to make up for it - I can live with that. The fourth I haven't met yet, so I'm withholding judgment, but I have high hopes.

Reason #3 It looks like I'll be getting the chance to focus more directly on my two areas of interest. In one class I'll be doing research using original sources from my target regions - the Balkans and South America. And at work I'll be focusing on Latin America and interacting with Spanish speakers on a regular basis. So I'm hoping for an amazing boost in my language skills and a moderate boost in my international affairs knowledge base. ;)

Okay, back to work!

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