Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today - and the overseas internship

I had the opportunity to attend a hearing on the hill today, one of several interesting places I've been on this internship. I also had the chance to hear from a Consular coned member of the Senior Foreign Service. She said she loved being a consular officer and from her stories I think I will love it too. (Finally, someone to tell me what I want to hear!)-Did I mention I want to be a consular officer?... Well, now I did.

Overseas Internship info:
As expected, at the meeting on the overseas internship they told us that we will be applying to two different bureaus and within each bureau we apply to three different posts (so six total posts). There are several rules for where we can and can't apply.

Rule #1: We can't apply to any post with danger pay (even 5%). This can also cause trouble if an intern is accepted to a post and then it becomes dangerous. In that case the intern is assigned to whatever happens to be leftover, ideally in the same bureau.

Rule #2: We have to apply to the posts that have intern housing. Other interns just pay their own housing, but ours is provided by state. Usually the biggest posts don't have housing - or so I've heard.

Rule #3: Some countries require interns to have language skills, some don't. I don't have the list yet, but they've promised us one later.

Rule #4: We don't choose specific cones or positions, but if we make a deal with someone at the embassy we can have more say in our assignments.

We've been encouraged to get ahold of people at post before we apply. We've also been encouraged to branch out and try something new. So there you go! Now I can narrow down my list. South America is looking promising, and so is Eastern Europe. I guess I had better start brushing off the language skills.

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