Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My day at work

(I'm busily typing with one hand, highlighting with another, and reading an article I have propped up on the desk, surrounded by my pile of stuff to do.)

Coworker: Hey! As long as you're not doing anything --

Me: Actually...

Coworker: -- Do you mind if I just leave this huge stack of random tasks right here on your desk, while I go fix myself a pina colada?

Me: ...I'd love to but...

Coworker: Great!

In all honesty, no one was having a pina colada today. We were all slammed, but at least we were crazy busy together. I think the stress might have something to do with the post-holiday sugar crash, the backlog of a three-day weekend, and the realization that I only have 4 more weeks to win the 'best intern ever' prize.

*sigh* Back to work!

And in other news, guess what?

This is my 100th blog post! I think that calls for a cupcake, don't you?

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