Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get thee to the National Mall...

If you haven't heard, the Smithsonian is hosting its annual Folklife Festival this weekend (and next weekend I think). They're featuring the inexplicable combination of Colombia, the Peace Corps, and Rhythm & Blues.

Anyone who has met me in person has heard me gripe about the lack of good restaurants on the National Mall. Either you're eating a hot-dog from a stand, a stale pizza slice from a cafeteria, or a squished PB&J from home.

(The Mitsitsam Cafe at the American Indian Museum, is the one exception. It has never served me anything that wasn't phenomenal. But it's only one restaurant and during tourist season I can't even imagine the lines.)

So I was very excited to hear that not only does the Folklife festival come with food tents, it comes with crazy foreign food tents. (foreign is my favorite type of food) So if anyone's looking for me this weekend I'll be sampling unpronouncable goodness from Colombia and West Africa, and maybe some pronounceable goodness from the BBQ tents too.

Check out their website if you're interested, it should be a good time!

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