Friday, July 29, 2011

Bits and pieces

Rather than tell you substantive things about my time at State (which I'm still really enjoying, fyi) I thought I would share with you something totally unrelated. So here, without further ado, is a set of completely random pictures that sum up my week.

Picture #1:Cutest breakfast ever. The recipe for the cupcakes is from Martha Stewart Living. They are life changing. The mug is my favorite one. I got it in Sri Lanka.

Picture #2: Curry - sort of. I tried to make beet root curry. (Hence the beets covered in curry powder.) I loved this overseas, but my version was terrible. It was one of those 'remembered recipes' passed on to me from a friend. As in 'put in some beets', then 'cut some onions' then 'mix the coconut milk with the oil and voila!' There were no measurements, no times, no methods of cooking, no temperatures, nothing. I wasn't even sure when the food was supposed to start cooking, instead of just mixing. So the moral of this story is that cooking without directions is only for the massively talented/experienced chef, or those with lots of money and time to kill.

Picture #3: New book!
Rebecca West's classic on the Balkans, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. It has 1200 pages. What possessed me to start reading this right before grad school starts back up I'm not exactly sure.

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