Saturday, July 2, 2011

Video of the Week (7)

Continuing the theme, another really classic 80's video. This one is in honor of my time in Sri Lanka because it was actually filmed in there.
This video is, like the 'One Night in Bangkok' video, offensive on a number of levels, but try to ignore that and just enjoy the silliness.

A few notes about Sri Lanka:
Just for the record, downtown Colombo looks exactly the same today, which is spooky.

The scene where the little boy gets the man water from the lake is actually right next to the site of a fantastic hotel. If you're ever in Sri Lanka you have to check it out, it's called the Heritance Kandamala Hotel. It was designed by Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka's most famous architect, who created several green hotels and houses in Sri Lanka. (Remember, I'm an architecture geek.) The hotel is great not only because it's super luxurious and beautiful, but also because they went to great lengths to make it green and make sure it had a good impact on the local community. (Check out their green philosophy page to see how they're trying to make a difference. As someone who has worked directly with abused/exploited children in the past, it's gratifying to see that they devoted space on their site to specifically condemn both child labor and sexual exploitation of minors.) Of course, I never actually stayed there, because it's priced for foreigners and I earned a local salary, but any FS people headed to Sri Lanka, you have to spend the night when you visit Sigiriya. Yes, that's an order.

See? Told you it's pretty.

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