Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video of the Week (6)

Yes this is a day early. I've discovered that Friday is a bad day for my blogging memory. So I thought I would continue what I started two weeks ago. (If you remember, I had a video from Serbia, where I lived in 2008.) So now, in honor of the place where I first lived overseas....

Fun fact: This song is from a musical about chess (in Bangkok I guess?) with music by the guys from ABBA .... yeah.

Notice the amazing campiness, the horrible asian stereotypes mixed haphazardly, and I think there's a thriller dance move in there at 3:27. The first time I heard this song, and then the first time I saw the video, I just about died laughing. Let me just say for the record that it's amusing because it's the polar opposite of Thailand as I know it. While any country has its challenges, I loved Thailand. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, the weather was great and the country itself is gorgeous. Not to mention the amazing history, religious tolerance, cheap travel and beautiful language. (Seriously, drop what you're doing and move to Thailand.)

P.S. If anyone is heading to Thailand and wants more information, just leave a message for me in the comments and I will write you a novel about what to see and do there.

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