Sunday, June 19, 2011

healthy people and lots of them

I woke up this morning to a very different sound than usual. Usually there is a constant rushing noise outside my window. (I like to pretend it's a waterfall that I'm hearing.) But this morning there were no cars, just the sound of someone clapping and occassional shouts of "On your left...your LEFT!".

Turns out the DC Triathlon is this morning. (Not to be confused with all the other crazy marathons and triathlons I've caught a glimpse of this year.)

I took these shots:

See that woman in the blue shirt with the sign? I'm not sure if she was protesting or cheering, but she inspired a lot of yelling as people rode by.

Can you believe that there were this many people willing to get up early on the weekend just to swim in the Potomac, bike on the road and then run in this humidity? (I can't.) I'm always impressed with the number of athletic people in DC. I'm almost tempted to get out there and join them.


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