Monday, May 30, 2011

Working my way down the list of Smithsonians

As any good Washingtonian, I've seen my fair share of the sights, especially when showing them to visitors from out of town. But I have yet to make it to many of the out-of-the-way museums, even the free ones - so I've been slowly making the rounds.

On Monday I checked out the Renwick Gallery (on 17th and Pennsylvania, really close to the White House and the World Bank/IMF. It is my 10th Smithsonian(out of 13). I give it two stars (out of 4). One for being mildly interesting, and one for having very few, mostly adult, visitors. However, it lost two points for creepiness. Let me demonstrate:

First, a haunted feast table.

Actually kind of nice by itself, but right across from it were these sharp (pun intended) utensils. Does anyone else notice how the knife on the bottom bears an eerie resemblence to an exacto knife?

In the same room is this ... piece. I'm generally not comfortable with things not found in nature, so this one didn't sit well with me.
(How do they breathe like that? Aren't they uncomfortable?)

I actually really liked this fish, except for the doll's arm sticking out.

Close up of the fish:

The truly creepiest stuff was actually a set of stained glass windows downstairs, but I couldn't really bring myself to photograph them, so just use your imagination.

*Yes I had permission to take these pictures, and no I didn't bother to get the names of any of the artists, so you'll just have to trek out to the Renwick to check them out yourselves.

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