Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I'm reading May 10th

Now that I'm on vacation I can finally start on the long list of books I've been wanting to read all year (the ones I had to keep on the shelf in favor of reading for classes). The first on the list? Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey, by Isabel Fonseca.

I happen to have several Roma (gypsy) friends from the year I spent in Bosnia and Serbia, and they are a fascinating group. I've been writing papers about them for years, about civil registration, education and so on, but this book approaches the Roma from a historical background, so it fills a gap in my knowledge. It also is part of the pre-reading I'm doing for the summer internship. Since many countries that I will be focusing on have a large Roma minority I thought it would be a good idea to develop my 'specialty' a bit more.

I've also been brushing up my Serbian, but it's been kind of depressing. Who knew I could forget so much in only 2 years?

But the best thing about all this reading is that I can do it by the pool, with a fudge-sicle in one hand and a glass of iced tea. :)

Here's the cover in case you're interested. Sadly I've got the rather jarring yellow version...

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