Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video of the Week

I totally forgot to post a video this Friday, but better late than never!

Tomorrow I turn in my final project for this semester. Then I will be officially halfway done with grad school. And only a year away from being in the FS. I'm taking a few weeks and going back to visit my family and friends.

Now that my semester is essentially over I find myself totally confused about how to spend my time. There's only so much food you can bake and so many ridiculous videos to watch on the web...

I do have big plans, however, to accomplish a lot before my internship starts in 3 weeks. So far on the list?
*refresh my Serbian for the internship
*finish the French stuff I started
*read everything I didn't have time for this year ;)
*squeeze in some practice for the OA
*hang out with the entire extended family
*whip my dog into shape
*visit all the tourist sites in my area that I never bothered to see before
*go mushroom hunting! (I'm excited about this.)
*hm... maybe I should stop there. That's a lot for 3 weeks.

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