Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sacrilege and Cupcakes

Picture stolen from here.

I've been compiling a list of the best cupcakes in town. I've only sampled 5-6 places in town so far, but I'm ready to start offering some opinions.

Opinion #1: Cupcakes are expensive. For 3.50 I could make 2 dozen at home or buy 1 at a fancy cupcake store. I'm a grad student, you do the math.

Opinion #2: Expensive cupcakes taste just like cheap cupcakes. (Frosting however, varies a lot.)

Without further ado, the results of my survey are below (this is the sacriligous part):

Georgetown Cupcake - ** I thought the cupcake itself was fine, but hated the frosting. I like the boxed kind better. However the store itself was super cute.

Cake Love - *** The cupcake itself was really dry, but otherwise tasty and the frosting was fine. Though it didn't taste anything like a s'more, so they lost points there.

Red Velvet - **** Liked it. Cream cheese frosting was good, certainly better than I could make at home.

Starbucks - ? Yeah. I didn't know they made cupcakes either, but I guess in DC everyone's in the business. I refused to try it on principle. And because it was peanut butter flavored. My mom, however, said it was good.

Eastern Market - **** There's probably a name for the place, but I didn't see the sign. It's inside the actual market, and it was a bit of a zoo. But the cupcake? Awesome.

Still to come:
Baked and Wired (heard some very good reviews)
Hello Cupcake (Apparently I missed the cherry blossom cupcakes here, sad...)
Sticky Fingers (vegan cupcakes!)
Curbside Cupcakes (food truck)
And a couple of places around town that just 'dabble' in cupcakes.

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