Monday, March 28, 2011


My dear friend T from my first overseas job just sent me some reading material to help me keep up my language skills. I told her to pick easy things, things I would have already seen the movie for.*

So what did I get? 10 points to the person who can correctly name all three.

To start things off, a little light reading. I'm sure you'll recognize this one.

Seriously, don't judge me. This is very much at the top of my ability level.

Next comes something a bit trickier. I suppose I should have mentioned to her that I'm lousy at cirilica...

And to round things out, most likely because she was embarrassed buying the Twilight book:

Clearly someone has a lot of faith in me. ;)

* Incidentally, if your language skills are intermediate I highly recommend this route, because you know the story enough to piece together the language. I read Bridget Jones' Diary and About a Boy and Sex and the City specifically because I could watch the movies first and while they weren't classics they're certainly easier on the beginning reader than, oh say Orhan Pamuk, which is what I first bought in Serbian. It's still sitting on my shelf, collecting dust. Oh, and Harry Potter? Forget about it. Apparently the vocabulary gets exponentially harder when it's translated. Or maybe it's just full of words that you only learn as a kid...

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