Monday, March 21, 2011

Food, and update to FAQs page

First off, here's what I've been cooking lately:

From top to bottom:
Most amazing scones ever. I followed the Southern Living recipe for ginger apricot scones with two changes - first, I skipped the ginger because it's expensive and second, I added about a quarter cup more cream than they suggest. (I tried the recipe once their way and it was terrible. Just saying.)

The bruschetta recipe from Julie and Julia (the movie). The tomato part was perfect, but I thought the toast tasted awful. Next time I'm just going to make regular toast instead of trying to fry the toast as they suggested.

Eggplant and dried tomato pesta pasta. I hate eggplant. (But the pesto was good!)

And the update?
I owe a shoutout to the amazing Stephanie for letting me know that the information on the Pickering FAQs page regarding the finalist interviews is likely wrong. So, if you are chosen as a finalist (Stephanie or any other random reader) please let me know what the new deal is with the interviews, so I can stop misleading the masses.

1 comment:

  1. haha thanks for the shout out! I will keep you updated! They told us we would know by April 2nd if we are a finalist or not.

    By the way... The food pics look great!