Monday, February 14, 2011

One of those days...

*I did not take this picture.

Today is not a bad day. Just a scary day. One where nothing bad has happened, but certain ...intimidating things are threatening, like big storm clouds in the distance.

Storm Cloud #1: I have to schedule a doctor's appointment to deal with a possibly scary health situation. The words 'it's probably nothing' weren't really as comforting as they should have been. Little old me is now quaking in her boots.

Storm Cloud #2: I have my test date for the OA. Now I realize that 1) I am very lucky to be going to the OA at all, and 2) I have the same chance as anyone else of passing, but I just want to take a quick moment and freak out a little at the fact that I have so little time left to prepare. This cloud also comes with a silver lining though. Once I have taken the OA it will never be my first try again. So even if I don't pass this time it can only be better the next time.

Okay, actually there are only two storm clouds on the horizon. Both of which have the potential to blow right over.

I am not freaking out.

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