Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 things I'm loving this fall/winter #10

Whew! Last one! Remind me not to make a list of 10 things before I have a list of ten things next time.

The final, random awesome thing I've enjoyed this winter has been the 'read out loud' function of Adobe Reader.
#10 Laziness?
As a grad student who is constantly (seriously, constantly) reading on my computer I had developed a little bit of an issue with eye strain. Now whenever my poor eyes need a break I can have the ridiculous computer voice read to me instead. It's a strangely Balkan voice too. Lots of 'wery' instead of very, 'wos' for was, and my favorite, mee-lee-tary. Lol. You have to read along a bit, because it get's confused with acronyms and words that are split at the end of a line, but otherwise, I think it will save my poor eyes from at least a little of the strain.

Oh, and I'm baking pumpkin pie today. Feel free to be jealous, cause it's going to be awesome.

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