Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet the newest Foreign Civil* Service Officer Intern (yeah, it's me)

I am the proud owner of a new internship placement in my top choice bureau and office. While I feel like it would be wrong for me to share which office (not really all that interesting to people who aren't me anyway) I will say that I chose carefully, and very strategically and ended up with a choice that hadn't even been on my radar to begin with. I guess that's the great thing about the process. It has gotten me outside my box. Take the studying for the OA for example. Without the motivation to pass the Oral I would never have signed up for a public speaking class, or volunteered to lead a class presentation, or several of the other gutsy things I'm trying out this year. So thanks for that State. And, you know, thanks for the internship deal too. It'll be my first chance to really see how well I fit into the State environment and whether I can keep up (of course I can!) Oh yeah, and I get paid. In money. !!!

*Actually, I'm not sure whether this counts as foreign or civil service work, but either way, intern. That's me.

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