Monday, November 22, 2010

Ways to avoid writing a research paper (by someone who knows)

*Go for a walk.
*Call your mom.
*Make homemade tortilla chips.
*Write your Christmas letters.
*Watch Glee reruns online.
*Check your email.
*Check it again just in case.
*Organize your notes.
*Clean your apartment.
*Make paper snowflakes.
*Plan your spring break trip.
*Apply for things; jobs, internships, whatever.
*Go work out.
*Take a nap.
*Do your nails.
*Shop online.
*Redecorate your apartment.
*Update your blog. :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 things I'm loving this fall (#4)

#4 Ridiculous Music

And yes, I took the time to learn the safety dance during finals.

Friday, November 19, 2010

10 things I'm loving this fall (#3)

#3 Technology

I know, everyone loves technology, but sometimes it hits me what my life would be like without it. First of all, the year I just spent in Sri Lanka would have been an awful lot lonelier without Skyping my family (on two continents), emailing my friends, reading about their lives on facebook everyday, watching Lost over the internet, reading the New York Times, looking up recipes, and on, and on. Especially considering that I hope to be an expat again as soon as school is over this stuff makes a world of difference. I cannot imagine what it would be like to leave on a ship for another country, never knowing if you would see your loved ones again. I am so blessed to be living right now.

Oh, and I need to explain the picture. It's a picture of my printer. Which cost $30 and can print, copy, and scan. I might be a bit out-of-the-loop, but that just astounded me. Another thing that astounded me? My new phone. When I left the US last year people had normal phones. When I came back the cheapest phone I could get flips into two parts with a little keyboard. And it takes pictures. I could probably fly the space shuttle with it. Wow. Maybe that's the other reason I go abroad - it just makes coming home seem amazing. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 things I'm loving this fall (#2)

#2 The Watergate Complex

The Watergate is practically across the street from my apartment, and I'm really enjoying it. The first reason is that it has the closest grocery store - and also the best - near my house.(No offense Trader Joe's, but your lines are long, your prices are high, and you're apparently too pretentious to stock spaghettios.) The best thing about the Safeway is that it is totally out of keeping with the Watergate image. Actually, the whole courtyard is a little off. There's a CVS, a mobile phone store, some random travel agents, a fake flower store (?!), picture frame store, and some restaurants. It's a little seedy and there's never many people there, which makes me wonder how they could possibly stay in business. Anyway, all of the wealthy people who are actually living/working/whatever at Watergate shop at Trader Joe's, so me and the rest of the grad students and neighbors of limited means have the safeway to ourselves.

Besides the wonders of Safeway, the Watergate complex also appeals to my inner architect. As a kid I actually collected house plan books, drew my own plans, and even had some design programs on my computer. (It really doesn't get much nerdier than that...) So seeing such a cool building up close is always really awesome. Both Watergate and the Kennedy center right next door remind me of the movie the Incredibles. The style is really over-the-top, big and unapologetically modern. I like the balconies that just end halfway around the building, they remind me of a video game. And I like the chaos of it - uneven profile, sweeping curves, little bridges and fountains and things all over. I tried to find a better picture online, but this was the best I could do. If you come to DC take a stroll around and see for yourself. Anyway, it's not just the dry office building that you'd think.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 things I'm loving this fall (#1)

#1 Multicolr Search Lab

This website serves no function that I can think of, other than to waste time in a strangly addictive way. Simply pick some colors from the box on the side and Multicolr searches Flickr to make you a random little collage of pictures that match your color theme. If only I could expand this and put it on my wall... instant decorating to fit my mood!

*note that any more than 3 colors and all you'll get is a mess

Friday, November 5, 2010

Waiting (update)

As of November 1st I am no longer waiting for my security clearance. I have officially been declared 'secure enough' I suppose.

And it turns out that the personal narrative questions were so familiar because I had already answered them for Pickering, so it turns out I don't have to do them again! VERY excited about that.

And my picture frame arrived. ;)

And it turns out United Airlines was just joking about using the FF miles to fly to South America (ha! that was a good one UA!) so I'm planning a somewhat more low-key trip for spring break instead. I'm sad to miss my brother in South America, but who knows, maybe someday we'll be neighbors? Anything's possible!