Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Waiting Game

So, I've been waiting a lot lately.

Waiting for my scholarship money to come in,
Waiting for my security clearance,
Waiting for the picture frame I ordered online :)
Waiting for my frequent flier miles to process,
Waiting for my results from the FSOT,

Finally, finally, this week is my turn! My money's here so I can buy a lamp (I really need a lamp), my security clearance is ... well surely it's almost done by now... my frame is on its way, I have enough frequent flier miles to fly to Paraguay and back, and, drumroll please....

I passed the test!

If I were the type to squeal and go crazy this would definitely be the time I'd do it. But since I'm not, I spent a few minutes smiling and rereading the congratulations letter.

And then of course, I got down to work on the Personal Narratives.

They seem eerily familiar from my Pickering application/interview process, which helps. The downside of course is that I have only three weeks in which to finish them. The same three weeks in which I have to write two 20 page research papers, and one 6 page discussion paper, read 3 books and do all of the other 'little' assignments, so the timing is a little, intense. Oh well, still excited!

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