Friday, October 1, 2010

Things for which I am grateful:

*Beautiful weather. Especially after yesterday's experience getting totally soaked in the rain on the way to work.
*Biking past the monuments last weekend. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful, green, safe and friendly city.
*Being able to cook again! The supermarkets are full of foods that I recognize and I have a working stove, oven, and microwave! I have my cookbook and all sorts of cooking implements. I’m excited because I miss this when I’m overseas. It seems like cooking abroad is 100 times harder. You can never find the right ingredients or supplies and nothing ever works the same. So I will enjoy every minute of this while it lasts.
*Free NYT and Washington Post on campus. So glad I didn’t have to pay for one more thing!
*My fellowship. So. Much.
*My super awesome Ikea furniture! It looks great and I put it all together myself. ;) The best part is that it makes my apartment feel like a home. My home. My first home! And I really do feel like it too, that I’m an adult, taking control of my life and living independently. Strange, since I’ve lived away from home since I was 18, worked since I was 12, and paid my own way (in the big things at least) since college. I guess it’s the furniture?
*The amazing opportunities I’ve had so far. Who else got to live and work overseas in two (three-ish) fascinating countries, doing the work that they were most interested in? Who else gets to be a foreign service officer? Who gets to travel to India and Malaysia and Paraguay and all over Europe and just everywhere? (Okay, so some people get to do some of these things, but who gets all of them? Only me! I am so lucky!)
*My amazing and perfect health. May I never take that for granted.
*Being an American. In spite of it all, I really, actually, do love my country and the last time I landed at JFK I just about kissed the carpet. Even though I love, love, love to travel, it is wonderful to be at home.

What brings on this rash of good feeling?
I just needed a little self-pep-talk before getting back to studying. Only 150 more pages to read today! And then a paper to write. And then, of course, the FSOT tomorrow! I'm not nervous, I'm not stressed! No way!

Need a pep-talk of your own? Here's a good link. ;)

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