Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun, Finally

Ahhhh... much better. No, my classes aren't magically easier today, nor is my commute shorter or my evil roommate cat any better (it made me bleed!), but I'm starting to meet people and have fun and know how to get places and it feels sooo good to be, even a little bit, at home.

So what was on tap this weekend? Friday there was a party for people in my program. Saturday I went to DC Shorts film festival, Sunday - Adams Morgan day. I love how there is always something to do here. Here's a pic of the Adams Morgan festival (I didn't take the pic - disclaimer). Basically it sums up how 90% of the vendors were selling food. Yummy, interesting, fattening food. I had an avocado cream popsicle which was just about the limit of my budget this week, but it was awesome just seeing what's out there. And I will definitely have to return to Adams Morgan to check out all those restaurants again.

This week I'm moving into my long-term housing, thank goodness, where I will decorate and cook real food and just make myself at home. So looking forward to having a home of my own where I can stop living out of my suitcases.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gratuitous picture

Just realized I never post pictures... so here's one of my dog.

Grad School is Hard

Everyone said it would be, but I'm still a little flipped out.

I didn't think it would be hard to read a book (almost) a day. I just didn't foresee that those books might be really, really, almost unreadably...what's the diplomatic term? ... esoteric. Or maybe, dry. Anyway, I'm sure I will love grad school once I'm a little further in. And have friends. And free time. And cash.

Big plans this weekend? I have to apply to the internship state is having me do this summer (if they are making me do the internship, why do I have to apply? shouldn't I automatically be in?). And I will carve out some time to see the zoo and ride my bike because I need, need, need to get outdoors and away from these books for awhile.

Oh and state? I love my scholarship and I do want to join the foreign service, I swear. Just venting.