Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of August Update

Okay, no snappy title for this post. I've been too busy to write.

1: I had my security clearance interview. I was beginning to wonder when they'd interview me. It was intense. Not bare-lightbulb-in-a-dark-room intense, but kind of SAT intense. Basically it was 3 1/2 hours of insane and boring detail into my apparently very complex life. I think(?) I passed. Though I accidentally called the interviewer old, which didn't help.

2: I moved halfway across the country for school. My foreign friends can never get over how long it takes to get places in the US by car, but to me it's so great to think that I'm practically right next door to my parents. They're just a few hours away now!

3: I started grad school. It's a bit surreal, like going back to live with your parents after working. It just makes me feel like a kid again. Positives: free stuff everywhere, being in the middle of a city full of interesting and very smart people, getting to devote at least half of my time to stuffing my brain full of interesting facts. Negatives: I wasn't able to take language courses for my major (this is bad because I love language courses), my apartment company kind of screwed up their records so I got dumped in a temporary place for one month (so I get to move twice!) and the temporary place? it includes a cat, or rather, a pile of fur and dander that bites me. *sigh*

4: My 100 best novels list is going on hiatus until I figure out how to balance working 20 hours a week, being a full time grad student (and reading 1-2 school books per week), reading the newspaper every day in preparation for the FSOT, exercising, volunteering, going to church, and refreshing my language skills for the exit exam. Somehow I think it might be awhile...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

officially healthy

I am now, officially, the healthiest person ever. I received my worldwide available medical clearance the other day, and while I can't say it was a huge surprise, I'm still excited to have at least one stage of the process under my belt. Now if only I could get the reimbursement for all those tests taken care of...

As for the security clearance, I have my interview tomorrow and many of my friends, former employers, etc have been interviewed too. So I guess we're making progress on all fronts!

In other news, my preparations for grad school are going well too. I've got my books and have even started reading a couple of them. I've got my housing hooked up (it's pretty sweet). My parents are helping me move, which I really appreciate, and probably buying my furniture, which I would have had to do without due to my financial situation at present. So all in all, I feel pretty excited and ready to go. Part of me is still longing to just skip grad school and get back to the real world and make an 'adult' wage, but I guess I have the rest of my life to work, right? In the meantime I intend to fully enjoy being back in the states (and having all four seasons again!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

# 6 (whatever)

So number 6 on the 'best novels' list? The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner. Can I just say, it is the Worst. Book. Ever. Every time I open it I want to bash my head into the wall. If I weren't mildly OCD I wouldn't be finishing it, but we'll see. Maybe it will get better?

In other news, my security clearance is apparently off to a good start. Two friends have already had visits from scary government guys. I'm waiting for my own visit. Do I get one, I wonder? Still trying to figure out how to get the medical stuff reimbursed. I definitely don't have the cash to just let that one go. (Apparently chest x-rays are expensive.)

Other than checking books off my list, I've been having the perfect summer. Cooking at home, visiting friends and family, watching stupid action flicks and lying by the pool. Ahhhhh...

*footnote: I had fun picking the book cover that best reflected how boring this book was/is. In the end this was the best choice. No pictures = no fun. And they call this a classic? Even more than that, they call it one of the best classics!? Nowhere near Lolita. Give it a miss.