Saturday, June 5, 2010

Me...and the Police

So this week I had the opportunity to meet not just one but two sets of Sri Lankan police officers. Well, I've met plenty of police here before, but usually at roadside checkpoints. This time I met them on their own turf.

My visit was necessitated by the security clearance that I've been working on. Among other things I needed to submit 72 pages (!) of information regarding everyone I know, everywhere I've been, and everything I've done. Ever. And I also needed to submit two sets of fingerprints. Oh, and I had 10ish days to track down all this info and get my prints done, in addition to working with my colleague here to interview and try out my replacement and do my regular duties as well. So it's been a pretty busy week.

The upside of course is that the government can feel much more secure hiring me now. (How much more secure? 72 pages more!) And I can relive the past 10 years in excruciating detail. And pretend to be a hardened criminal at the police station of course. :)

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