Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last day in Sri Lanka

Today is my last day in Colombo!
I said goodbye to the girls with a dance party, and I've been trickling through the list of friends to say goodbye to as well. I'd forgotten how emotionally draining goodbyes can be. At least I know that most of these friends I will likely see again.

Other than goodbyes things have been going well. I'm mostly packed and I have the rest of the day to finish. I did 90% of my packing this morning, in about 45 minutes. It's nice having only two bags, it keeps me sane I think. I've read blogs of people in the FS who move a whole household every 2 years. I can't imagine, though I guess if things go to plan that will be me in a few years. First, I'll need to buy some things worth shipping overseas.

Well, take care Sri Lanka, it's been fun. I wish you hadn't been so hot and had so many mosquitos, but you've made up for it in many ways - with beautiful views, wonderful people, and something interesting around every corner. I wish you well in the future - improved waste disposal systems, vastly improved schooling, jobs (not just in the garment sector), a new highway to India, tourists, maybe even a Mexican restaurant someday. Dream big.

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