Sunday, December 9, 2018

Time off

Well, I didn’t quite keep the New Year’s Resolution about blogging once a week. Due to a family member’s hospitalization and passing it seemed appropriate to give the blog a short vacation and to be honest I don’t have much news for today either, except the fact that I’ll be writing next weekend from my place down in Florida where we’ll be doing some decorating/maintenance and supervising some contractors as they get the last few items repaired on the house. I’m glad the offspring will get a chance to stay in our actual house this visit, even if he isn’t old enough to remember it. And I might be brave enough to give the Vespa another go. We’ll see.

And here’s a picture from our trip last weekend to Minnesota - we didn’t really see much outside the hospital, but it still counts as baby’s eighth state in his first five weeks of life. He’s a true foreign service baby, that’s for sure. I just hope he’s as good on a plane as he is in the car.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Maternity leave, part 2

Brazilian visas officially applied for! Flights booked! And only one week away from the checkups we need to get our medical clearances squared away. I’m relieved that all the preparations for our PCS are going smoothly. (And simultaneously terrified at the prospect of a ten hour flight with an infant!)

On tap for the rest of maternity leave - teaching baby to sleep through the night, figuring out how to work the car seat without assistance, and translating the nanny’s contract into Portuguese. It’s really a pretty light schedule and I’m torn between enjoying the time off and getting itchy feet to be at post and start doing real life again.


And hit the beach. Just saying...

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Maternity leave, part 1

Technically it’s not really maternity leave but it’s close enough.

For the curious, federal employees don’t get maternity leave but we can use six weeks of accumulated sick leave to recover from delivery. After that we can take annual leave and/or go on leave without pay status to stay home a little longer with baby. I’m taking about 8 weeks, for
 example.  For me the decision was mostly based on the realities of the season. Considering that I need to do quite a bit of bureaucratic wrangling to get baby on my orders, obtain his passport and visa, and have us both medically cleared, I knew we’d need extra time to work around holiday delays. And there’s no sense busting my backside to get us to post the day before Christmas when everyone is on vacation anyway.

I mistakenly thought that maternity leave would be boring, but I’m finding just the opposite to be true.  With a newborn even finding the time (with one or more hands free) to finish an email or a text can be a little challenging. And running around collecting paperwork feels like a full time job. I can’t imagine how people with older kids or multiples (or unsupportive families) manage it all.  Luckily I’ve had lots of help from my mother (aka “the baby whisperer”) and the rest of the family.

Hoping your Thanksgiving is shaping up to be as filled with blessings as mine!  Til next time!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Veterans’ Day

While I don’t intend to post photos of the offspring regularly on the blog I figure he’s pretty young and still has that baby-face anonymity.  

Today we celebrated Veterans Day with a walk to the Iwo Jima Memorial and past Arlington National Cemetary. Little guy, named in part for a family member and WWII veteran, mostly slept through the visit, but I’m sure we’ll visit again the next time we’re in DC for training.

To all the friends and family members who are veterans, thank you for your service, today and every day.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The offspring has arrived!

I think you’ll probably forgive me if my post is a bit light this week. I’ve been very busy... giving birth to a beautiful and blessedly healthy 7 lb 4 oz baby boy!

Naturally no names on the blog, but I don’t think it’s too much to say that he arrived on Halloween, after 35 hours at the hospital (of which 31 in labor) and thankfully only 15 minutes of pushing.

I’m so relieved and excited to have him here in my arms.  As an added bonus I’m slowly getting my body and all my favorite foods back too.

Can’t wait to start sharing this big adventure with the little cuddler, but in the meantime I’ll be content to just get a bit of rest when I can and that’s one of the very few items on my agenda for this week.

Til next week!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gainfully Unemployed

I had my last day at work Friday and it was bittersweet as always. I will really miss the team I worked with this summer/fall. They taught me a ton that I will be taking with me into my next tour and beyond and I have a new respect for the work that goes on back in DC to support all of our operations at post.

Of course I’m also very ready to get to post myself, and more immediately to not have to manage all the third trimester symptoms on top of a full workday. Even just putting together a semi-professional looking outfit at this stage can be a challenge!

By this time next week I should have some exciting pictures to share but for now, it’s just a lot of waiting. In fact it’s kind of a nice wait - the stillness right before what we’re expecting will be a very joyful ‘storm’.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Out of town

I owe you some better pictures of the house now that we know better the extent of the damage, but I’m still getting the pictures sorted out.

In the meantime, here are some photos from a day trip to Annapolis that I took with my mom yesterday.  It was absolutely lovely and I was extra excited given how stir crazy I’ve been in DC lately.  Finally some travel! We didn't quite manage to walk the baby out, but we really tried.

Also, the food was amazing, so there’s that.

Most of the pictures are architecture because, as you know, that's my favorite and Annapolis has a charming old town.  And it was nice to see all the students from the Naval Academy out and about in their snazzy uniforms. (They really put my undergrad fashion choices to shame.)

Other than a walking tour and lots of eating they have plenty of shopping, which we took advantage of, and lots of water-related activities.  If it had been a bit warmer we might have tried the sailing, but they also have more low-impact boat tours if you just want to see the area from the water.  In any case, I highly recommend a day-trip from DC if you get the chance.

I realize food porn is supposed to be staged better than this but it was too good to waste time messing with my camera.  These are oyster puffs. I have been craving oysters and they will definitely be on the post-belly menu soon!

Crab balls - I always thought I wasn't a fan of crab cakes, turns out I just never had good crab cakes before.  Thanks to our server for the great recommendation!

And if you're curious about baby-watch just know that he's not here yet but it could really be any day at this point.  Exciting! (And scary... ;)